Photos by Rebecca Warren. Art by @indie184

Girl Sees Art was born off a brand a created on instagram called @GirlSeesArt. I created the page when I was getting my masters degree in the contemporary art market from the Fashion Institute of Technology. I actually started it laying on a beach chair at PULSE Miami, which I was working at the time. At first, I chose to be anonymous because I am only 27, and I didn't want to be perceived as a art novice or not having good eye for art because I was so young. My main purpose for even starting the account was, here I am, living in New York, with all this amazing access to galleries, museums, art fairs, and artists at my fingertips. I wanted to share this with people in Kanas (my home state), Jersey, Ireland, Timbuktu wherever!!! So basically, thats what I do. Every single day I go to a museum or a gallery, a lot of times more than one a day. I photograph what I like and who I like. There has been an amazing response to the photos I post and the account itself. 

While the Instagram account has been an amazing passion project, what I learned in graduate school was ALL aspects of the art market. Big difference from art marketing - HUGE. I studied the actual market. Everything from auction houses to non profits to writing about art to computer for the art world to gallery management to art appraisal. My vision for this company is to help artists without gallery representation, either by choice or because they have been rejected by the cutthroat NYC art world. 

I can essentially do the the majority of the work of a gallery and take MUCH less than 50% of your proceeds. Soon I will offer a list of prices for different services I offer like art archiving, building mailing lists, social media, grant writing, curating,  and much more!  Right now I have 3 clients and I'm only waiting for more! 

The Anti-Gallery